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The paper towel store offers Brawny, Scott, Viva and Bounty towels. Find hand towels, strong and absorbent paper towel reviews and paper roll towels. Top brands including Sparkle and Seventh Generation offer prices, product information and reviews.

  • Sparkle Paper Towels 24 Giant Rolls Pick-A-Size White

    Sparkle Pick-A-Size Paper Towelsparkle Print Paper Towelabout Sparklelet’s face it, cleaning isn’t our favorite thing to do. But, we like having a home that is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. After all, we want a home that shines, but we want to do what makes us shine, too.

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  • Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels Huge Rolls White 12 Count

    View larger Messes don't quit - neither should your paper towel! Bounty paper towels are 2X more absorbent* so you can use less. They're also America's most absorbent paper towel, featuring unique Trap & Lock Technology that quickly absorbs messes so you can clean up and move on without wasting time or towels.

    Now: $33.75 Save: 12%

  • Brawny Giant Roll Paper Towel Pick-A-Size White 24 Count

    Conquer the Tough Stuff Brawny Paper Towels give you the versatility you need at home: the strength for demanding jobs and the softness to clean up your child’s messy face.

    Now: $26.91 Save: 10%

  • Georgia-Pacific Signature 21000 White 2-Ply Premium Multifold Paper Towel 9.4 Length x 9.2 Width (Case of 16 Packs 125 per Pack)

    The Georgia-Pacific Signature 21000 white 2-ply premium multifold paper towel can be used for drying hands, as well as general-purpose cleaning and drying. Its absorbency, softness, and thickness make the towel suitable for any washroom.

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  • Brawny Individually Wrapped Regular Paper Towels Rolls White 30 Count

    With so many tough messes in your home, you need a towel that is good enough to hold up to them all. Brawny Paper Towels can handle any job, even your toughest messes. That's because Brawny is designed to handle everything from everyday cleaning to even the toughest task.

    Now: $24.99

  • Bounty Paper Towels White 15-Count Package

    27.9 cm x 27.9 cm. 2-Ply sheets per roll. White. Big quilts! Lock in Spills.

    Now: $26.99 Save: 8%

  • Kimberly-Clark Kleenex 01890 1-Ply Multi-Fold Towel 9-25/64 Length x 9-3/16 Width White (16 Packs of 150)

    Proper hand washing is still the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Thorough drying with paper towels can reduce germs by 77%. Did you know that more than a third of employees are germ-conscious and care about the health and cleanliness of their workplace? Invest in your employees' health to prepare for this Cold and Flu season.

    Now: $25.99 Save: 69%

  • Viva Paper Towels Choose-a-Size White Big Roll 6 rolls (Pack of 4)

    View larger Product Description Dinner is over, and it’s time to tackle that casserole dish caked in cheese and sauce. You may think a paper towel isn’t built to take on your stack of dishes, but we dare you to grab a roll and discover for yourself the strength of Viva.

    Now: $38.99

  • Kimberly-Clark Scott 01804 1-Ply Multi-Fold Towel 9.2 Width x 9.4 Length White (16 Packs of 250)

    The Kimberly-Clark Scott 01804 disposable white folded paper towel comes in packs of 250 towels, is made of pouches of loosely packed paper fiber for absorbency, is one ply to help reduce waste, and has a multi-fold design to facilitate stacking and unfolding.

    Now: $30.17 Save: 66%

  • Georgia-Pacific Signature 23000 White 2-Ply Premium C-Fold Paper Towel 13.2 Length x 10.1 Width (Case of 12 Packs 120 per Pack)

    The Georgia-Pacific 23000 white signature 2-ply premium C-fold paper towel can be used for general-purpose cleaning and drying applications. It is made from premium paper that absorbs liquids better than a 1-ply towel and has a bright white color with an embossed honeycomb pattern. The towel has a C-fold, making it easy to stack and unfold.

    Now: $24.49 Save: 76%